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The Happy Garden

6 Garden Tips For A Fruitful Season


Best Primer for any Project!

Say goodbye to all that time spent sanding and scraping off old, chipping paint. Winter normally leaves a few paint jobs looking less than desirable. Grab a can of ZINSSER PEEL STOP® PLUS High Build Blinding to lock down any peeling or weathered surfaces. Just finish with a top coat of your paint choice!


The Ultimate Summer Checklist

Set yourself up for a great summer season with this checklist. Enjoy our sweet summer diffuser blends indoors as well!


Painting Like a Professional

A fresh coat of paint is one of the fastest ways to transform any room or piece of furniture, plus it's budget-friendly. Take the time to use our professional tips to knock any painting project out of the park!


Home Gym

Gym closed? We got you. Your health is so important, we don't want you lost momentum or miss a step. This is a simple and effective workout you can do right in your home without any equipment! Cycle through these steps at least 3 times and knock out your cardio all at once!


Working from home can be a challenge – especially if you are sharing the space with family members and pets. If you’re fielding calls in pajamas, it’s time to build a new work from home routine that mimics a typical day in the office. Follow these tips to ensure a productive workday, helping create a sense of normalcy during unusual times.

1. Find a Secluded Space
Loud noise – like children playing and dogs barking – might break your focus or disrupt an important phone call. If possible, set up a workspace that’s isolated from the rest of the household, whether that be tucked away in a bedroom or down in the basement. While it may be convenient to set up shop in high-traffic places like the living room, opt instead for a space with less noise and distraction.

2. Stay Organized
A clean room is a clean mind, right? That’s true for your workspace, too! Keep your desktop orderly and organized. Make sure it’s stocked with necessary supplies, including things like pens, sticky notes and a stapler. Whether it’s a home office or your kitchen table, design a calming space that encourages productivity.

3. Dress to Impress
With no morning commute, it’s tempting to stay in your pajamas all day. While comfortable, it won’t feel like the day has truly begun – and it will make it even more difficult to separate work and relaxation. Get dressed for work as if you were heading into the office, ensuring you feel professional and prepared for whatever comes your way.

Additionally, the influx of video business meetings drives incentive to stick to your typical hygiene schedule, looking clean and presentable in front of the camera.

4. Eliminate Distractions
Permit personal distractions, like television and personal social media, only outside of business hours. Though it may be tempting to have a TV show playing in the background, it can spiral into an inefficient workday and waste time that could be spent on conducting business or working on professional growth.

5. Stick to a Schedule
Set work hours for yourself and stick to them, beginning and ending at the same time each day. Schedule a lunch break to refresh. Try to truly clock out when the workday is over; whether it's calling friends and family, going for a walk, watching your favorite movie or trying a new dinner recipe, engage in activities that promote your well-being. Resist combining your personal and professional life as much as you can.

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